Hunter to Holy…

How you are evaluated? In any organization or in your circle we evaluate each other on many factors. Normally we are in an assumption that what we are doing is right and others are wrong. How your superiors compare and grade you in different categories? To grade any member of the team by superiors there are two basic criteria. First of all, they see your enthusiasm that how much you are motivated with your assignments and the second parameter is your achievement.

If we take enthusiasm on X-axis and results on Y-axis there will be four categories as:


Are new persons with a high spirit of working. They are very high in enthusiasm and they are eager to bring results. Since they are new the results are not very high as it is clear in the picture. A good manager helps him in bringing results so they started moving upward with an increase in performance which also results in an increase in enthusiasm.


When hunters start getting results and they start moving upward in the graph they shift themselves into the achiever category. They are high in results and enthusiasm both. Very important for any manager that they keep developing achievers. 


The achievers due to high results started building expectations from the seniors, they may be expecting a promotion, rewards recognitions, etc. if they are treated professionally they will retain their category as achiever but in another case, if their expectations are not met they will maintain their results but may get demotivation. If this stage persists they will de be declining in their enthusiasm and motivation level so they in the graph will start moving towards satisfiers. Satisfiers are still higher in results but less in enthusiasm.

Holy Cows:

The satisfiers if not treated well they will start moving down in results along with their enthusiasm and a stage will come that they will be very low in results and will be negative in their attitude. This category is normally irrecoverable and management has to take action to get rid of holy cows.

Zulfiqar Ali Qureshi

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  1. Asad Ali

    Well said

  2. Zulfiqar hakeem

    Very good analysis.. dear sir
    And it will help us to grow our team.

  3. Zulfiqar hakeem

    Very good analysis dear sir.
    It will help us to grow our team

  4. Derick

    Keep on writing, great job!

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