Feature Advantage and Benefit (F.A.B.)

Feature Advantage and Benefit (F.A.B.)

The feature is a fact or characteristic of any product or service.

Advantage tells that what this characteristic will do.

Benefit spells out the value or worth that the buyer/user will derive from the product or service which means what is good to me.

Feature Advantage Benefit
A name or description of the product.   Tells what the feature does   Tells doctor/customer “what is in it for me.
Product fact or characteristic. Tells what the feature means or what it will do. Tells what feature and advantage will ultimately mean to doctor/patient
A property or attribute of a product. Describes how a product or a product feature, can be used or help the doctor/ patient/ customer The value or worth that doctor/ patient/ customer will derive from the product.
A feature can be seen, touched, or measured so features are usually expressed in nouns and descriptive phrases. Describe what a feature does, pointing out its purpose and function. Relate features, and advantages to doctor’s/ customer’s personal need.

Some of the Common Product features of a Pharmaceutical Product are:

Product Features


•Strength , quantity






•Taste, flavor


•Absorption, distribution, metabolism, excretion etc

•Mode of action

•Use-areas (indications)


•Side effects


•Product Support Service

Normally it is assumed that doctors know what feature/advantage means to their patients. Don’t assume… always state the benefits. Feature alone leads to the “So What?” conclusion, while the benefit is the outcome of this characteristic. We can also say that features are facts about what your product or service does. Benefits are what your customer gets out of it.  Any customer never buys a product rather he buys a solution to his problem that is the key to selling.

Feature alone leads to “so what

More often when a physician complains of the high prices he is really saying that “ I  am not yet convinced of value to met me or my patient of using your product. So give benefit to the doctor of the product’s feature.

Does a statement contain a product feature or a benefit?
“the Litmus test”

At the end of the statement ask yourself the following questions and judge which two questions fit better.



  • Use simple reasons and words such as:

1. Which means that ….

2. Which results in …..

3. So that …..

4. By offering ….

5. To ensure ….

6. Because …….. Therefore ………

7. Since ……. Therefore ………

When a customer perceives no differential advantage, price becomes the issue. Since nowadays there are so many competitors of a product and product management or sales in unable to present differential advantages over other therefore many malpractices in sales are been adopted. Remember that Customers do not buy what a product is, they buy what they believe the product will do. That’s is the core of failure or success in the sales that many salesmen are unable to present feature and benefits to the customer and they are not aware that what its customer’s need is actually so let’s discuss the need and want in next blog.

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