3 P’s of verbal communication

Speaking is of upmost importance in communication process. In speaking or sending message, there are three P’s i.e.

  • Pitch
  • Pace
  • Pause

Pitch means how loud are you speaking one must use normal tone normally it should not be as low as other person can’t listen nor it should be as loud as unbearable.

Pace means on what pace you are speaking fast or slow, never speak so fast that other person can’t catch your words similarly too slow that listener feel bored.

Pause is also an important element in speaking it is used when one tries to emphasize on certain point pause means to stop for a while. You may have observe that if someone comes to you and suddenly asks “ Hi do you know what happened on the beach?” after questions he give a pause to dramatize or emphasize.

Some common mistakes in speaking

  • Nervousness
  • Too much straight forward
  • Repetition of a word or sentence.
  • I don’t agree.
  • Using hard absolutes
  • Talking to a single person in a group.
  • Too much flattering.
  • Talking on conflicts.
  • Negative approach
  • Talking very slow or high
  • Use of laughter and words at the same time.

Zulfiqar Ali Qureshi

Business Consultant, Trainer,  Blogger, Author and a speaker!

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    This is a very helpful article for me as it will improve my communication skills 🤗

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